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Thank you my Friends!!

Twitter followers

Celebrating my first 2000 Twitter Followers!!
THANK YOU my dear travel friends! So honored for every one of you!!

Grazie, Danke, Merci, Gracias!!!


What did I learn? Pre-Christmas Edition.

What did I learn?
What did I learn?

It is a relaxing weekend and you can already feel the Christmas atmosphere everywhere. It is raining outside and everyone who can enjoys staying in the warmth of home, with candlelight and the smell of Christmas cookies… Ok, you see, I am in the right mood! 😉

Thinking about what I have learned lately, a great Twitter workshop I visited during the IAB Forum in Milan comes into my mind. Among many other things, I have learned the following:

  • Twitter became “The largest couch in the World”. As per a research among Twitter users, 60% have the feeling to watch a TV Show with other people in the room. I found that interesting, as also the TV now has to handle a completely new behavior: a direct feedback and mood that can be read in real-time during the TV Show. I must admit that I am also one of thesepeople that looks at the Tweets in order to see how people are talking about the show I am watching, and I find it quite amusing as people are often very ironic and funny in their comments. Are you tweeting too while you sit on your couch and watch TV?

    Twitter: the largest couch in the world
    Twitter: the largest couch in the world
  • Talking about the interaction between TV and social media: My idea was that the TV advertising is suffering a loss of importance, giving more space to social media advertising. Well, that is wrong: more and more people do not change TV station anymore during the advertising as they use the time to look at their Smartphone, maybe writing some tweets on the TV show they are watching or chatting with friends… while they unconsciously hear the advertising and are automatically influenced. I absolutely recognize myself in that and I am impressed!
  • A great quote that perfectly explains how one should act to be successful with social media: “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be” Wayne Gretzky

  • I have learned to bake Christmas cookies! I tried for the first time and I think the marine look with the seahorses looks great! (and of course they are delicious too! 🙂 )

Pinkvel Cookies

  • But not only: I have also learned to bake a traditional Engadin Nutcake!! This is a typical case of how tastes can bring you back to far away places and experiences. So I tell you a secret: most of my Christmas presents will have to do with my newly discovered fun for baking! 😉
  • Do you also think that it is impossible to live healthy and make some sport while traveling? Of course some hotels have a fitness room, but not everyone has the time and the discipline to use it (I do not! 🙂 ). The news is that you automatically have your sports done while traveling. Have you ever thought about how much you walk even only to take a flight? Here are the airports with the longest ways to the gates:

– Peking (PEK): 3.20 km, which is 46 minutes walk!!
– Atlanta (ATL), 2,09 km, which is 27 minutes walk
– Frankfurt (FRA), 1,88 km
– Hong Kong (HGK), 1,58 km
– London Heathrow (LHR), 1.22 km
– New York, 1.13 km

Well, imagine this with your heavy luggage and when being late (and I am constantly late).

  • If you’re thinking about living abroad, here is a chart with the cost-of-living index, which I think can also be considered when planning a trip to these cities:

That’s all for now. Enjoy the Pre-Christmas time and try not to be too stressed with the presents, put some love in it and it will work out perfectly! 😉

– Pinkvel –

What did I learn this week?… (15/11/14)


It is the end of the week again, and the time has come to write down what I have learned…

liebster-award11) The first thing that comes into my mind is that I have learned what the Liebster Award is, as I have been nominated (read my post!)

2) Thanks to the Liebster Award I got to know many great travel bloggers still in their beginnings. Some of them are really worth following! Check for the Liebster Award!

3) Not only my online friends brought a smile to my face. I have learned that friendship is something really special and does not depend on space or time. Actually, I did not learn that only this week, but it came to my mind again this week. You can be best friends also if you are in two different parts of the world. I love all the technology that allows me to be constantly in touch with my friends, and of course I love my friends! 🙂

4) I am very close to my 1000 followers on Twitter!! It was one of these numbers that came into my mind as a goal when I started the blog. This taught me that I am actually on the right way. I am so happy about that, thank you all!! (If you are not following me: hurry up and help me reach #1000!! 😉 ) Here is the LINK!

5) I have learned that it makes no sense packing the clothes you do not use in everyday life. We all (talking about women 🙂 ) have some “special” clothes we do not wear in everyday life, waiting for the occasion to use them, which could be a trip to somewhere special. Well, forget it! If you loved that pullover so much you would find any occasion to wear it. So, avoid carrying too much useless weight!

6) I am expecting many changes to the city of Milan, due to the EXPO 2015, which is very exciting. But of course one of them is the unavoidable increase of the hotel rates. What I actually found out this week is that the prices have already been increased, not only in Milan but also in the rest of Italy. Bologna is the city with the highest increase. My advice: If you know that you will travel to Italy in 2015, try to already book the hotels, in order not to have a higher rate later on.

7) ESA’s Rosetta mission soft-landed its Philae probe on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, it is the first time in history that something so extraordinary has been achieved. And what are the people talking about? About champagne landing on Kim Kardashian’s huge butt!
I sometimes really cannot believe what I read! -> Here

8) Friends, my suitcase is packed, I will be flying to Barcelona to the EIBTM Travel trade fair! I will be soon reporting about the news in the travel business and, why not, also about some nice places to visit while on a business trip to Barcelona.

I am looking forward to your comments & thoughts! Have safe travels wherever you are!

Pinkvel 🙂

You are a WHAT? A Travel Blogger! But…. *why*??!

Today is one of these days where I sit in front of the computer and ask myself… Why am I investing so much of my time in this thing?

It started by chance.

By working in the travel industry I have met many travel bloggers before and I have always been curious about their job. Of course – having worked with them – I knew that it is a damn hard job.

To travel is my passion and I noticed so many people asking me about destinations, experiences, ideas and images. So I thought: why not write about my travels?

I started writing (very timidly at the beginning). I created a Site. It looked good and I asked myself: that’s a blog… I am managing it… so… am I a “travel blogger” now??

Yes – I decided – I am a travel blogger now!!

After the first enthusiastic moments I found myself immerged in a completely new world. I started reading about Facebook Pages, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, Google Analytics, YouTube, Buffer, Instagram, Guest blogging, traffic, SEO, trackbacks….. and I got lost in an infinite jungle!! I started reading and reading and registering to so many new sites and social media, I didn’t even know they existed before.

I started spending long nights in front of the computer in between 20 registrations that somehow always fail and 50 blogs that give tips about blogging, but – wait a minute – where do I find the time to write my articles?
Do I have to write articles or do something in order to have at least one reader (outside of my family)?

Well, you have to have PATIENCE. Nearly 90% of the bloggers stop doing it in the first 6 months. That’s what the smart “blogs about blogging” say. The beginnings are veeeery longsome. And frustrating somehow.simple

So I decided to forget all the technical jungle for a moment and start with an “easier” part. I started telling my friends & family about my new activity. They will for sure be my first and most affectionate readers. At least, that’s what I thought.
I want to share some of the reactions with you.

–          The most common reaction is: you are a WHAT? A travel blogger! So what do you do? I write about my travels! But why??!
(Well… until today, I feel embarrassed about this question. Why?… )

–          There are the ones that do not take you seriously. “Yeah! A travel blogger!”
(I try to ignore these)

–          And then the ones that ask you (with a worried face) “Is this your main business now?”

–          There are the ones that are happy for you and tell you that they will support you however they can but then… you notice that they never read or like anything you write

–          There are the ones that are happy for you and tell you that they will support you however they can and… fortunately they really DO SO.

–          And then there are the ones that tell you that it is to “intimate” for them. It is like getting to know too much about my private life.
(Come on guys! I only show you that part of my life that you are allowed to see! I’m not giving you the secret password for my private webcam. And anyway: aren’t you the Big Brother generation?)

–          There are the ones that tell you “ok – but don’t tweet from the airport or you will have your apartment robbed”

–          And then there is someone that loves you, understands the frustration, and asks you to create an account for him in order to be able to like your posts
(Isn’t that cute? But that’s not really what that’s all about)

They all know now. I think that I will go back to the technical part. And I trust you: bloggers out there!!

Does anyone of you bloggers recognize some of these reactions?


A drink in the Milanese Nightlife or at home in a Chatroom?
A drink in the Milanese Nightlife or at home in a Chatroom?