10 things I have learned in the past week

Dear Friends,

I have decided to start a new series of posts: „10 things I have learned in the past week“!

One should never stop learning. And indeed, one never does.
It is just that many people forget to stay interested and in search of something to learn – which is a pity.

So here is my advice: take 5 minutes of your life, every couple of days, and think about what you have learned. You will be surprised about how much that is! It keeps you alive, young and interesting!! 🙂

The things I learn will be written down. I hope every week. If not, it will be the things I have learned in “the past weeks”… or days! If you read them, they will automatically become the things you have learned too… which seems quite a funny fact to me. I’m pleased to share my news and thoughts with you.

I am looking forward to your thoughts, comments and of course corrections!

Here are my 10 things I have learned last week:

1. On every Euro bill there is a bridge represented. The bridges have been invented by the designer of the bills and they represent gateways and the connections throughout the European continent. They show the different European ages and architectural styles. The more the bill is worth, the more modern is the architecture of the bridge. It starts with the Classical architecture on the 5 Euro bill and ends with a very modern bridge on the 500 Euro bill.
And here is the link to travel: The Dutch town of Spijkenisse is building the bridges of the Euro bills. They are identical in form and color! It is a great project and they hope to soon become a touristic attraction with that.

2. If a person you like asks you to plan a trip, or a simple evening together and you are not enthusiastic about the idea, be brave and say the right reason why you do not want to do it. Never use excuses in order not to hurt the person who asked you: you will feel bad and the person often feels that there is something wrong. Be straight up, it will be often appreciated!

3. The tragic clash of the “Virgin Galactic” brings Space Travel dreamers back to reality… I am not sure our generation will experience space tourism.

4. It seems that smart people out there are working on the idea of a mixture between a rocket and an airplane. It would start vertically and allow bringing us from one place to the other in a record-speed. The example was Germany to USA in 40 minutes. I would love that!

5. Other smart people are training ducks for a life on the moon.

6. Not only did humanity fill the Earth with waste, it also managed to fill the space with waste!!
It is called “space debris”, “space junk” or “space waste” and it is made of small objects that orbit around the Earth: pieces of rockets, old satellites, fragments from disintegration, erosion, and collisions. It seems that 19’000 pieces larger than 5 cm are tracked and 300’000 pieces smaller than 1 cm! (did you see the movie Gravity?)

7. Yes, I’ve been to the “Outer Space” Exhibition in Bonn. It is still on until the 22nd February 2015. Very Interesting! More info here.

"Outer Space" Exhibition, Bonn
“Outer Space” Exhibition, Bonn

8. Jordan must be such a special and beautiful destination to see.

9. I have learned to use Flipagram and it is really funny.

10. Trendy people now use “What’s Up” mainly to send Audio messages… I am so uncool! 🙂


2 thoughts on “10 things I have learned in the past week”

  1. Quanto mi piace questo blog!
    E poi adoro leggere in inglese. Grazie 🙂

    I really like this travel blog!
    I also love reading English. Thank you :-).

  2. Cara Lory, ma figurati! Grazie a TE! 🙂
    Sono questi messaggi che continuano a motivarmi.

    Thanks to you! You’re great! 😉

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