TravelTip: Never forget the Headphones!

Woman from Asia sleeping and Headphones all around
Woman from Asia sleeping and people with Headphones

I normally always sleep in the train. Or I read something.

It is July and vacations time, and the train is completely full. I always try not to sit next to children, not because I don’t like them, but let’s put it that way: it’s not ideal having bored or excited children sitting next to you when you want to sleep. They can be really cruel. Especially when they are interested in you. The result can be terrible: headache, no space to sit as they take also your seat, orange juice on the shirt,… I’ve seen it all.
This time it is even worse. No children in the surroundings, but a lady in a seat nearby talking to an older couple.
The old man said to be born in 1946.
She – middle-aged, short hair, very colorful outfit – started a conversation with the couple and told them about how dangerous the internet can be, and about how clever she is as she only has one credit card linked to a bank account with only 500€ on it. Fortunately now nothing can happen during her online shopping.
The old couple agrees.
She feels understood now and stronger in the things she wants to say. So she starts, louder and louder, to talk about her life and her wisdom and her job and her children and her childhood and the society and the school of her kids and her parents and the trains and the Second World War and the role of the women in society and the teachers of her children and her studies and and and…

I definitely have a headache now.
The woman on my right made a small attempt to sleep but that’s impossible. She bristles with anger and looks to her… hoping someone notices. In front of me a woman from Asia. You can see her in the picture here above. She definitely sleeps. Or maybe she fainted as she couldn’t stand it anymore?
On her left is a friendly looking woman that keeps looking at me shaking her head, hoping for some support from me. I wish I had some headphones… As many people around me now have.
The woman does not feel bothered by all the desperate people around her and becomes even louder. She said to be a therapist for traumatized people. Which is a wonderful job to do and I completely respect her for that, but I immediately imagine myself sitting in her office having to listen to her monologue… maybe even traumatized by her.
It is definitely to early for this. I look at the time: two hours of monologue have passed – still one hour to go.
I love my travels! 🙂



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