Ever had a flirt in an Icebar?


Everyone should at least visit an Icebar once in life.
I tried it out during a visit to Oslo, in an extremely cold April day. I remember this vacation as one of the coldest in my life, as at home spring had already arrived and I took the wrong clothes with me.
So what do you do during a stroll through the city when you notice you need to enter somewhere to warm yourself up? Exactly, you enter a bar to drink a warm cup of tea or something very alcoholic.
But I… I ended up in an Icebar.

It is like entering a whole new world, as being underwater or in the clouds. I felt confused.
Nevertheless, I managed to have a drink even though the coat they gave me as I entered was huge and hairy (I looked like Santa Claus), and the gloves where so big that I had some troubles bringing the slippery ice-glass to my mouth.
Yes, because everyone telling you that an Icebar is the coolest ever probably means the temperature. It is – in fact – ice cold.

You won’t look cool at all. None can look very chic in a Santa Claus coat drinking champagne in an ice-cube style of glass with huge gloves. Suggestion from my side: avoid the Icebar if you are looking for any kind of flirt.
However I repeat: Everyone should at least visit an Icebar once in life. It is in fact a fun experience, if you take it with some humor. No humor no travel.




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